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About Carrington Consulting

We are deeply passionate about our work – it’s our calling and we love what we do!

Educating and assisting all our clients is our driving force. We aim to help entrepreneurs; small business owners and individuals forge successful paths by furnishing them with the knowledge and guidance they need to thrive.




Business Assessment


Jess Carrington brings a wealth of invaluable experience, boasting a successful six-year tenure as the owner and operator of a thriving accounting and tax practice. As an analytical and detail-oriented professional, Jess possesses an extensive background in Tax Accounting and Financial Management. With a comprehensive understanding of Payroll Tax and Corporate Tax Laws, coupled with proficiency in accounting principles, Jess stands out as a resourceful expert. Jess excels in formulating strategic and feasible solutions to complex issues, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of an organization’s bottom line.

Beyond technical expertise, Jess is equipped with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, fostering positive working relationships with individuals and clients alike. Jess’s commitment to excellence ensures a training experience that is not only educational but also enriched by a depth of practical insights and real-world acumen.

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